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Info about Connecticut – Connecticut the Constitution State Still Rocks

Connecticut the Constitution State, simply abbreviated CT is among the most vigorous states in the US today, still rich and not only of a cultural and historical diversity, but also in the economic self-dependence. From the days in which it played a central role in the formation of the federal government, Connecticut the Nutmeg State is among the most thrilling of American states today. Connecticut, mainly referred to as the Constitution State of the Nutmeg State, has a conserved the American dream since it entered the Union in 9th January 1778 as the fifth state. Indeed, the state has over the years lived true to its famous motto, ‘He Who Transplanted Still Sustains’.

Connecticut the Nutmeg State has a vibrant and steady economic base that ensures that most services and goods are available locally, and in high quality, for the population of 3.4 million Americans who call CT, home. Moving from, to and within the state for instance is an effortless venture, with thousands of local moving companies available not only I the capital city, Hartford, but in most of the other cities of CT.

The steady economic base in Connecticut the Nutmeg State guarantees that most services and goods locally available, and when the White Oak is the state tree, Mountain Laurel, the state flower, quality is always guaranteed. Moving for example is one service that one can access at any time with very affordable rates and convenient offers. Dozens of available moving companies in Connecticut make moving to new houses totally effortless and inexpensive, whether it is by truck rentals or car transport.

The largest city in CT is Bridgeport though the largest metro area is the greater Hartford in the capita city. Measuring a total of 5,543 sq miles (Width 70 miles x Length 110 miles), Connecticut the Constitution State is the fourth most densely populated state in the US and yet having a median household income of $55,970 annually.

CT is actually in New England, bordered by New York to the south and west, Rhode Island to the east and Massachusetts to the north. Since the days of the Dutch, who were the first European settlers to find a home here, Connecticut the constitution state is the state of wealth. Besides a strong maritime heritage, modern Connecticut owes her austere stable economic base from the 18th and 19th century prosperity. Manufacturing plants and financial institutions set up base at Connecticut the Nutmeg State mainly due to the ready access to crucial manufacturing raw materials. No wonder then, CT the highest per capita income in the US today, the highest Human Development Index ratio and the fourth highest median household income of all the 50 states in America.

CT is the home of the Connecticut Huskies, the Yale bulldogs and the Southern Connecticut Owls. Connecticut the Nutmeg State is home to the dynasty of such prominent Americans names as Ethan Allan, Noah Webster and Eli Whitney. The rhythm of CT is totally American at heart, with the most famous song locally being Yankee Doodle and the state bird being the American Robin. The leading local attractions flouting a historical diversity rare in many states include the P.T. Barnum Museum, Yale University Visitor Centre, Weir Farm National Historic Site and Mark Twain’s home at Hartford, CT.

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